The best Side of 手機資料救援

Observe: Constantly backup your initial corrupted Excel spreadsheet ahead of continuing with any recovery activity!

to indicate/to showcase/to Screen/to manifest/expression/manifestation/demonstrate/Screen/functionality (at get the job done and so forth)/habits

Remember to Be aware which the Listing for recovered file(s) needs to be produced before beginning the recovery.

EaseUS Knowledge Restoration Wizard could possibly get again your information from lacking partitions. What’s much better, both of those area hard drives and detachable units are supported.

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stage/dot/fall/speck/o'clock/position (in Area or time)/to attract a dot/to examine on a listing/to choose/to purchase (foods in the restaurant)/to touch briefly/to hint/to mild/to ignite/to pour a liquid drop by drop/(previous) one particular fifth of the two-hour check out 更[geng1]/dot stroke in Chinese people/classifier for items

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拼音 等級 B lǚyóu B lǜ lù B lù B lùshàng B lùyīn B luàn B M ma B ma B māmā B máfán B máfileán B mă B mălù B măshàng B mà B măi B mài B măn B mănyì B màn B mànmàn B mànyòng B máng B māo B máo B máobìng B máoyī B màozi B méi B méi B méi B méicuò B méiguānxì B méishéme B méishì(er) B méiwèntí B méiyìsi B B méiyǒu B méiyǒu B méiyǒu

詞彙 結果 結婚 節�?節�?結束 姐姐 姊姊 解決 姊妹 解釋 解釋 �?介紹 �?金(子) 今年 今天 �?緊張 �?�?進步 進來 進去 進行 �?經常 經過 經過 精神 警察 �?�?�?�?�?�?就要 橘子 �?舉行 句

Knowledge Recovery Wizard recovers shed or deleted files one hundred% safely from a variety of information decline scenarios devoid of overwriting the original facts

to awaken/to return to understand/awakened to the reality/the reality dawns on a single/scales slide within the eyes/to become mindful

to obtain/to reply (the cell phone)/to satisfy or welcome sb/to connect/to capture/to hitch/to increase/to consider Continue a single's activate responsibility/to consider above for sb

詞彙 生日 生意 生字 �?聲調 聲音 �?�?時代 十分 時�?時間 石頭 石油 食物 十字路口 使用 �?�?�?市場 世界 事情 事實 �?�?�?�?手錶 手機 手套 �?�?�?書包 書店 舒服 書架 書桌 �?�?暑假

拼音 等級 B tǐyù tì B tiān B tiān B tiānqì B tiāntiān B tián B tián B diào B tiào B tiàowŭ B tiē B tīng B tīngdào B tīngshuō B tíng B tíngchē B tōng B tōngguò B tōngzhī B tōngzhī B tóng B tóngshí B tóngxué B tóngyì B tóngyàng B tóngyàng B tòng B tòngkŭ B tōu B tóu B tóufă B tú B túpiàn B túshūguăn B tŭ B tŭdì B tuī B B tuǐ tuō B W wàzi B

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